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Skin is the largest sensory organ in the body, so when a baby is held by a loving parent or carer, he/she feels protected and loved which promotes feelings of calmness, contentment, trust and bonding. Other benefits are that massage can improve the immune system helping to prevent baby illnesses, aid digestion, can ease teething discomfort and improve sleep. 
Sessions teaching the various routines take place in the comfort of your own home, avoiding the need to travel with baby. If both parents wish to learn, then this will not only be beneficial to your baby, but also be an enjoyable time for the family to bond further. Sessions take place over five weeks.  
If you choose to pay for the whole course before starting, then the fifth week will be free. Also, if you have one or two friends with babies who would like to join you and learn the routine in your home, then a discount on the price will be made to you. 


Meditation is a state of consciousness where the mind is calm but focused, with the body being relaxed. All thoughts going through our minds and events which have been happening during the day, are put to one side enabling us to enjoy a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. Guided meditations are visually guided journeys to help with relaxation and spiritual awareness.  
People find there are many benefits to meditating, which can include reduced levels of stress and anxiety, increased concentration, better understanding and awareness of others, opening the mind to new thoughts and ideas, plus improved sleep patterns. 
This course is offered over four weeks where you will start by learning the background to the subject, preparing yourself to be in a comfortable position, through to focussing on the breath, relaxation meditation, main meditation and ending with a grounding meditation. 


Preparing for the birth of a baby is a special and exciting time. However, for mums-to-be, the body is going through many changes which can cause aches, pains and discomfort.  
Massage can help to ease the symptoms that may occur: muscle tension and cramping, swelling oedema, discomfort in the back, neck and shoulder, it can also improve quality of sleep, reduce headaches and ease heartburn.  
Massage is a very relaxing experience to have at a time when there are major changes taking place to the body during pregnancy. 


One of the earliest senses we develop is that of touch which is both soothing and comforting. As massage uses touch to relax and soothe the body it is a natural method which, as well as stimulating the body’s various systems, can also help to ease many problems. Massage not only creates a feeling of calmness and general relaxation, it can have numerous benefits for the mind and body including: relieving muscle fatigue, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, help with sleep issues, improve lymphatic drainage, balance the digestive system, relax the mind and body reducing the effects of tension and stress. 
Pressure is placed on acupressure points on the back, arms, hands, head, neck and legs. Benefits can include easing tension headaches, reducing aches, helps with insomnia, relieves backache, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and aids the immune system. 
For this treatment, clients are seated in an upright position whilst the therapist works on massaging the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp. It has numerous benefits, including easing tension and knots in the muscles of the upper back, arms and shoulders. Indian Head Massage relaxes the body, relieves anxiety, stress and headaches. 
EFT helps to release blockages within the energy system. These blockages can limit us emotionally and physically in our everyday lives. EFT releases blockages by working on the ends of energy meridians which are situated under the skin. The process encourages the subconscious mind to allow the conscious mind to thrive. 
A balanced diet provides you with nutrients which the body needs for growth and repair. Combined with physical activity, a nutritional diet is key to a healthy lifestyle. A good diet helps with maintaining a healthy weight, reduces risk of disease and illness, maintains the immune system, gives you energy and promotes good overall health. 
At your first nutrition appointment, we will discuss and assess your current diet and aims for the future. Together we will work on a dietary plan and set realistic, achievable targets. I shall be there to give support and advice along your journey. 
Life Coaching encourages us to open our minds and work through issues which are causing difficulty in daily life, by challenging our own thoughts. It supports a change in mind set by working through issues, making plans by using achievable goals to improve our lives and, ultimately, give more confidence in making decisions on the direction of our lives and promoting self belief. 
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